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Hawkhurst PAU

The Hawkhurst Proactive Assessment Unit (PAU)

NHS patients leaving acute hospital beds have their care needs professionally assessed in a caring, friendly and homely environment so that they can be safely encouraged by proactive dedicated staff to reach their maximum independence and mobility

The Hawkhurst Proactive Assessment Unit (PAU) provides a unique opportunity for patients who are medically fit to leave an acute hospital to have occupational therapy and physiotherapy in a friendly caring environment to become more independent and more mobile. This enables them to be able to safely return to the community but requiring less dependence on care. This can be very important as often these patients have lost their confidence and independence during their stay in hospital which uniquely this unit helps them to regain.

What does the Proactive Assessment Unit (PAU) do?

  • The PAU enables patients to be in an environment more like their own home, not an acute hospital – “Home from Home”
  • It makes patients more confident and encourages them to become more mobile and confident with activities of daily living 
  • A dedicated team and liaison manager assists with admissions to welcome patients into the unit and settle them in
  • The PAU professionally assesses their needs speedily and offers therapies throughout the week with dedicated on-site occupational therapy and physiotherapy including access to a well-equipped gym
  • The PAU enables patients to gain maximum confidence and mobility so that they can be discharged safely with less need for care in the community
  • Patients are supported to attend any necessary hospital appointments

How does the Proactive Assessment Unit (PAU) do this?

  • The PAU has professional on-site staff dedicated to carry out speedy assessment and determine which therapies and exercises will meet the patient’s needs and maximise their mobility and independence
  • There is dedicated GP support to ensure high quality medical input is readily accessible, with physical attendance 3 days per week but readily available at other times
  • The unit has high staffing levels with permanent care workers (with no agency staff) uniquely trained in reablement to assist the dedicated physiotherapy and occupational professionals to encourage patients to reach their maximum potential and mobility throughout the week 
  • Patients have access to a well-equipped gym with a wide range of equipment including treadmill, stairs and parallel bars
  • This greatly helps patients and their relatives make the right choice of placement for the individual
  • Home assessments help to ensure that all of the equipment, home adaptations and care provision are in place prior to discharge
  • The professionals have access to a wide range of equipment that can be ordered to ensure the person has the best experience on returning to home
  • The PAU has a great reputation for being friendly, caring and homely, which greatly helps the individual feel safe and to engage with the therapies offered
  • There is a great housekeeping team under the leadership of the manager with a sense of humour to ensure fun so that patients feel part of the family
  • Visitors have free access to refreshments
  • Very accessible on-site parking
  • Patients and their families are encouraged to make any suggestions that will improve the individual’s experience
  • The unit has a reputation for great home cooked food which encourages the patients individuals to eat, promoting good nutrition
  • Unlike other cottage hospitals hairdressing, chiropody and activities are offered with a dedicated wellbeing and hostess to spend time with every patient receiving high quality person-centred care
  • The unit has very good feedback achieved by the unit with a 9.8/10 rating on carehome.co.uk
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